Parting and Grooving Inserts

  • ZTHD0504-MG DH1025
  • ZTHD0504-MG DH1025
  • ZTHD0504-MG DH1025
ZTHD0504-MG DH1025ZTHD0504-MG DH1025ZTHD0504-MG DH1025

ZTHD0504-MG DH1025

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Zhuzhou Lingchuang Cemented Carbide Tools Co.,Ltd (here in after reffered as LCT) is a Chinese company which established in 2008 located in Zhuzhou City,Hunan province,China where is famouse in the world for its tungsten carbide industry. lCT is a professional manufacturer of Cutting Tools and Carbide material. it has specialized in the Design and Manufacture of High-Quality Cutting Tools & Carbide material. Having more than thousands different kinds of items and huge stocks. Sieeso has a key product line for tools and material with advanced equipment and instruments.


50% of our products provide as OEM project for world-class cutting companies and 50% to do as our own brand. Our products have been sold to all-around the world, Such as Russian, Turkey, Europe, USA, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and so on.

ISO Type: ZTGD0404-MG DH1025


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