Military Purchaser visit LCT Carbide

20th , May ,2019,  Military purchaser has visit LCT CRABIDE. 

DM.Waweru, the manager of the biggest industry equipments and tools supplier for military in Africa, is visit our LCT CARBIDE factory with his college- LEO.

This is not the first time for them to visit LCT CARBIDE .

For this time, DM. Waweru  is coming to inspect their bulk order quality and production status.

After inspected the products’ quality online and production status, he highly phrased our factory’s production speed and quality control.

He said that the carbide products which were shipped previously are in high quality and working fluently, dimension are in tolerance and its tolerance standard is higher than their request.

DM. Waweru is very satisfied with our factory’s work. And he like to make a long-term partnership with LCT CARBIDE.


Military products have high standard of dimension and surface finish for their products, Zhuzhou Lingchuang Advanced Material Co.,Ltd use 100%virgin material, fully study the products working environment and suggest the best quality according what we learnt from military factory.


We gave a lot of good suggestions to improve their products’ quality and finishing so that the carbide products are working in good conditions and high efficiency. These suggestions are improved to be very useful and truly bring value to their factory.


Zhuzhou Lingchuang Advanced Material Co.,Ltd  has over 13 years tungsten carbide OEM and ODM experience, with the concept of technology oriented, quality first and client – focused, we have solved many technical problems for domestic and foreign enterprises and brought real value to customers.

We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with us.


Zhuzhou Lingchuang Advanced Material Co.,Ltd is a tungsten carbide products manufacturer, provide all kinds of OEM and ODM products for our customer, our main products are:



3.     Carbide Grooving inserts

4.     Carbide dill inserts: WCMX ,SPGT

5.     Customized inserts

6.     Other carbide wear part.


When other company are pursuit for bigger and faster, we LCT carbide is to fulfills most end-user’s underlying quest for SMALLER,SMARTER& SIMPLER carbide &carbide inserts production lines. Keep our customer from paying for high manage cost and complicated process. 

Contact us without any hesitate, we are willing to be your supplier.

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